GB7RVB packet mailbox

Updated 23/11/23 - apologies for taking so long with the antenna, still indoors, it's either pouring with rain or far too windy here!

GB7RVB is located in IO93eu on 144.950MHz, 1200 baud AFSK AX25. Chat and BBS are enabled. There are currently no RF links but GB7LCN is linked via AXIP and is providing mail and bulletin routing for users on GB7RVB. The address for mail is GB7RVB.#19.GBR.EURO

How to connect:
gb7rvb or gb7rvb-0 goes directly to the BBS
gb7rvb-4 is directly into chat
gb7rvb-7 connects to the node itself and from there you have a range of options

The system consists of the LinBPQ software running on a Raspberry Pi 4 and a NinoTNC connected via USB. The radio is a Tait TM8110 set at 5W and feeding a colinear which is currently indoors in the loft - hopefully this will be relocated outdoors soon.

Reports most welcome! Feel free to connect and let me know (see for email to M0RVB) if successful or if you hear the beacon but cannot gain access.

For information on how to set up a packet station either as a node or just for your own use to connect to a node a good place to start is the Online Amateur Radio Community (OARC) wiki section on packet radio. There is also information about the UK packet radio project.

It is possible to use a Signalink (for example) with QtSoundModem QtSoundModem and something like QtTermTCP to link a PC to a radio for packet.

Additionally, I have tested an RF connection via Multipsk which provides the modem and terminal components in one. And on the Mac I have used a package called KISSetGUI to communicate via a NinoTNC and FTM100.